50 Million Tweets a Day

February 2, 2010
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Holy Bird Calls, Batman!  Twitter is now registering over 50 million tweets per day.  That breaks down to over 600 per second of which approximately 20% of those are business/product related.  According to stats posted by Social Times although Twitter grew exponentially in 2009, only 20% of the Twitter users are actually using the site regularly – with around 80% of the users having tweeted fewer than ten times.  Some other highlights of RJ Metrics’ study included:

  • A large number of inactive twitter accounts, with around 25% users having no followers and 40% users having never sent a single Tweet.
  • Around 80% users sending fewer than ten tweets.
  • Only 17% of the registered users having sent a tweet since Dec, 2009.
  • The number of active users becoming even more engaged.

The conclusion of RJ Metrics study was that although Twitter grew tremendously in 2009, a bulk of this growth could be attributed to power users.

Twitter’s recent stats, might be a show of power – to demonstrate that the Social Media site is still relevant and growing, however, it didn’t provided stats to contradict or shed light on other metrics such as the percentage of active users, percentage of 50 million tweets done by active users and other revealing insights.

A look at Facebook stats reveals that Facebook users post more than 60 million status updates each day. So in terms of status messages aka tweets, Facebook and Twitter are almost neck and neck with each other.

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