Aetna going mobile with new apps

March 11, 2010
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Insurance companies are notorious for being late adopters when it comes to technology.  Health insurers especially, because of HIPAA concerns, often seem to be old and antiquated at times.  All that’s about to change though.  We’ve heard of Humana working on some digital initiatives for quite some time, but now here comes Aetna.  They’re about to deploy mobile apps for their insured members that will bring them into the 21st century albeit a decade late.


from Aetna’s site

What is Aetna “mobile web”?
Aetna mobile web shows a streamlined view of It lets you quickly and easily complete tasks. For example, you can find a doctor and look up a claim. You can use any web-enabled mobile device. These include cell phones, smartphones, an iPod touch, etc.  Simply type “” in your mobile web browser.

What is an Aetna “mobile application”?
A mobile application (or “app”) is small program. You download it to your smartphone. This app enhances your web experience by using the features of your smartphone.

What is the difference between visiting from a computer and visiting from a mobile device?
When you visit from a computer, you see our full range of information and tools. People using mobile devices often want to complete specific tasks, such as finding a doctor and checking a claim. Aetna mobile web takes you directly to our most popular tools.

Can I still visit the full site from my phone?
Yes. Select the link “View full site” at the bottom of Aetna mobile web. You may have to zoom in and out quite a bit to read all of the information.

What phones do you offer mobile applications for?
We will offer mobile applications for the iPhone and Blackberry starting in late April 2010.

Where do I get an Aetna mobile application?
Blackberry users will go to App World; iPhone users will go to iTunes.

Is it free to use Aetna mobile web and Aetna mobile applications?
Yes. We do not charge to use our mobile web or mobile applications. Contact your wireless service provider to see if they charge any connectivity or usage fees.

Do I have to be an Aetna member to use Aetna mobile web and Aetna applications?
No. Anyone with a mobile device can use our “Find a Doctor or Facility” tool. You must be an Aetna member to log in to the secure member site. If you are an Aetna member, but have not registered, you can do so from the mobile web and mobile applications.

How do I get started?
To use mobile web, simply type “” into your mobile Internet browser. In late April 2010, you can download Blackberry apps at App World, and apps for the iPhone at iTunes.

Can my Aetna mobile web session time out?
Yes, if you are using the secure member site. Your session will time out after 10 minutes, just as it does when using a computer. (This helps to protect your privacy.) There is no time limit when using the “Find a Doctor or Facility” tool.

What can I do with Aetna mobile web?
When you visit from a mobile device, you can:

  • Search for a doctor, dentist or facility
  • Buy health insurance
  • Register for your secure member site, where you can:
    • View your ID card
    • View your claims
    • View your Personal Health Record
    • Check drug prices
    • Contact us by phone or e-mail

What are some examples of how I can use my mobile device?

  • You are at the doctor’s office and don’t have your member information. With an iPhone application, you can show the office staff what your ID card looks like — front and back.
  • Your doctor refers you to a specialist. You can look up whether the new doctor is in Aetna’s network. You can also find the doctor’s address and phone number. With an iPhone or Blackberry application you can also get driving directions.
  • Your doctor asks about your family health history. You can view your Personal Health Record to find the answers.
  • Your doctor writes a prescription and you want to know how much it will cost. You can use the Price-A-Drug tool to find out.


Can I use the secure member site without a User ID and Password?
No. For your safety, you must sign in with your User ID and Password every time.

How can I be sure my secure information is safe if my mobile device is stolen?
Users must always enter a User ID and Password to get into the secure member site. Without that information, no one can reach your personal data. It is safe. You should contact your wireless service provider to have your stolen device deactivated. It may also be wise to change the password to your secure member site.

Should I store personal health information locally on my device?
No. If you store personal information on your mobile device in any way that is not password protected, that data is not secure.

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