Groceries come to iPhone with FreshDirect App

March 31, 2010
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Online grocer FreshDirect has launched a mobile application to interact with customers on their iPhones.  FreshDirect is promoting the app, and the sweepstakes, through various direct marketing channels including direct mail, e-mail and social media.

Developed by WPP Group digital agency Schematic, it lets FreshDirect customers grocery shop via their mobile phones.  Consumers can start a new order, add to an existing list or shop the store’s online inventory from the mobile portal.  In addition, the app features the company’s “president’s picks.”

“The iPhone app is like having a full service grocery store in your pocket,” said Monica Woo, chief marketing and strategy officer at FreshDirect.

To promote the app,  FreshDirect is running sweepstakes promotions.  The grocery delivery company will pick winners of gift cards for its stores, as well as the Apple  Store.   Customers can enter on their website.

First prizes are worth $ 500 in FreshDirect food products, plus a $500 gift card to the Apple Store.  Nine second-place prizes will win a $200 Apple gift card, plus $100 in FreshDirect food.  FreshDirect will give all customers a 15% discount on their first two orders just for downloading the app.  Is goal is to acquire customers through the iPhone app.

“The shopping grocery list process is a lot about realizing that you need something, either while you are out of the your house or when you are in you kitchen, and neither of those usage models is well served by the Web,” said Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Schematic.  ”The mobile app is a far more natural way of using FreshDirect.”

Kaufman predicted that customers will soon be using the app more than the online ordering process.  The iPhone app will likely be followed by apps for Droid phones and other mobile devices.

article appearing in DM News by Dianna Dilworth

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