Ning announces new pricing model

May 4, 2010
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Ning, the social platform that allows one to build their own social networking site, recently announced new changes (as in new pricing) that were released today. One of the biggest, and most talked about, is the removal of free sites. Apparently, the placement of Google Ads and other banner ads weren’t generating sustainable income for Ning.

Soon after that announcement was made there were some who started to complain. Understandable since it’s only human nature to rebel against paying for something that was once free. It’s my understanding the free versions of Ning weren’t released as a beta program, but rather with the hopes they would convert into paid sites with richer benefits. Upon hearing of the change(s), I was somewhat skeptical too.

Today, Ning sent emails out to all administrators of Ning sites and included a peak at their new pricing structure. Recalling what they used to charge to remove ads, strip the Ning name from the site and allow more control, I must admit that the new pricing plan looks intriguing. This chart illustrates the different plans. Here’s the entire announcement from Ning.

For companies that want more control than what Facebook can offer, Ning may be worth looking at.

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