Muscle Cars, Social Media & Marketing

June 10, 2010
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Hot Rod Magazine’s Power Tour 2010 tour rolled into Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I wasn’t about to miss it.  Being a car enthusiast it didn’t take much for me to scoot out of the office early to catch the parade of muscle.  The show did not disappoint.  The assembly of vehicles was like an all-you-can-eat classic car buffet for automotive enthusiasts.  I dove in.

The show consists of a large number of car enthusiasts and their automobiles touring from city to city on a whirlwind tour.  One can imagine the excitement as this massive caravan makes its way from town to town.  They even have special emergency roadside assistance trucks that tag along in case of mechanical failure.

Back to the show – there were literally thousands of cars to drool over.  Between staring and gawking, I walked around and noticed a number of car owners sitting in their vehicles configuring GPS devices.  Automotive purists usually insist on original parts and matching numbers for vehicle restorations, but apparently they’re willing to overlook global positioning devices.  Makes perfect sense to have one while travelling, but still seems odd to see one in a car that’s 50+ years old.

It got me thinking about how classic cars are being equipped with new technology to improve the experience of the driver.  Back in the day, the fold out map was the best option for finding one’s way on the road.  That or asking for directions, but what guy does that?

Taking a solid, well-built, classic automobile and adding a technologically advanced navigation device to reach a destination is akin to adding social media to an existing proven marketing plan designed to achieve maximum results within an organization.  Social media should be viewed as an extension of solid marketing  - not as a replacement for it.

Nostalgia, the powerful force that it is, may be causing a number of PR and marketing types to cry foul when it comes to using social media. These purists should realize that these two entities can, and do compliment each other.  The melding of social media and marketing can be a powerful things

So there you have it – my analogy of social media, marketing and muscle cars.  Does that make sense?  Am I reaching to much here?  Was this just an excuse in order to post the video below?  Enjoy!

Power Tour

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