Advanced People Search: LinkedIn Giveth and Taketh Away

July 1, 2010
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Disappointing news from LinkedIn – the social networking site for working professionals.   Although they recently added new functionality to Groups, they’re restricting some features of the Advanced People Search to Premium Account Holders only.  This spells bad news for Basic (free) Account holders who figured out how to utilize these search options.  They were especially useful when looking for people with specific job titles within Groups.

LinkedIn does not allow one to send direct messages to someone unless you are directly connected.  However, if someone belongs to the same group as you that restriction is released.  The advantage of this being that one could send a direct message to anyone who belonging to the same group regardless of the degree of separation.   Advanced search allowed one to sift through Group members in order to find suitable matches.

One can understand that LinkedIn is trying to boost paid membership.  It’s just unfortunate that instead of adding new functionality, they’re taking away existing features that were available to Basic Account holders.

Searching for specific people within Groups will become more time consuming, but still worth the effort for those who care to dive in.  This is a technique taught in our LinkedIn for Pro’s Workshop.

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    Thanks for the update. This is good to know.