The Feature Facebook Forgot: Page Notifications

January 24, 2011
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If you manage one (or multiple ones), you know the frustration of having to constantly check if someone has posted or commented on the Wall.  Even those of us carrying smartphones have had to manually check because notifications were not an options (unlike on one’s personal FB Profile)

Enter Hyper Alerts, a simple service enabling email notifications whenever someone posts or comments to a Facebook Page.  Setting up an account is easy: enter an email address, set a password and set an alert. Not to be confused with a Facebook profile, a FB Page is what brands, celebrities and companies set up and and allow people to “Like” it.

To enter an alert, enter the Facebook URL of the Page, how often you want to receive alerts and check off if you want posts, comments and content posted by the Page.

What makes this service even more interesting is you can set up alerts for Pages that you are not the administrator for.  What does this mean? Set up alerts for when someone posts on your competitions Page, or your favorite brand/restaurant/celebrity.  Pretty cool, huh?

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