According to Twitter Research, Tennesseans are Tops In Happiness

April 8, 2011
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If You’re Happy and You Know It, Tweet With Your Hands


Cambridge University PhD student Alex Davies has released a study that shows residents of the State of Tennessee are happier than their 49 counterparts. He measured the popularity and usage of words such as “happy”, “nice” and “best”. Although not entirely scientific (or maybe it is), the results are interesting.

The map below illustrates the results of the research. The south-east of the U.S. is notably chirpier – and Tennessee is the happiest of the lot.

The project is part of a larger series entitled “A More Perfect Union” in which Davies maps all kinds of data for a Twitterized version of the US Census. The video below illustrates some of the method used.

Regardless of the method or science, it is interesting to see how Twitter can be used for research such as this. Imagine what this kind of data can do for market research.

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