Companies Get Profile Like Qualities Via LinkedIn

October 13, 2011
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For years LinkedIn has been the social network of choice for business professionals. A new feature allows companies to update their status a la Facebook and Twitter, but for company profiles. This feature will allow companies to update individuals who choose to follow them. Company updates will appear in the news feed like individual posts. Like other content, it can be shared and “liked” thus allowing for measurement of reach.

How to Update Your Status

  1. If you’re an administrator, visit your company page on LinkedIn
  2. Under “Admin Tools” on the right, click “Edit.”
  3. Under Company Page Admins, check “Designated Users Only.” (Note: you must have this box checked in order to enable company status updates. If the “All employees with a valid email registered to the company domain” box is checked, the status update box will not appear.)
More than just a feature to link press releases, the company status update feature can be used to post links to new blog posts, company announcements, promotions, new products, new client acquisition, mergers, etc.
You can even post the occasional job, but don’t turn the stream into that entirely. Chances are not everyone following your company is doing so for a job.
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