Ferris Bueller vs Seinfeld: Super Bowl of Car Commercials

January 18, 2012
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Who will win the Super Bowl – Matthew Broderick or Jerry Seinfeld


Oh, you thought we were talking about the Patriots and Giants. Haven’t they already played it?  We’re more interested in the car commercial wars. Broderick is pushing the Honda CR-V, and Seinfeld the new Acura NSX. But wait you say, aren’t they the same company? Well, yes they are, sort of, kind of, yeah they are the same. Like food and wine, pairing of spokesperson and product is as much art as science. Could it be they considered Ferris Bueller a man of the people – a character for the masses? Does Seinfeld represent the elite – a select group for which the joke is always insider? Both spots are heavy on 80s & 90s nostalgia

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