Are your tweets hand breaded?

January 28, 2012
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Sick of corporate, sanitized, homogenized chicken mcnugget tweets? So are we! You know the type. They’re made en masse in the PR/Legal department, shipped frozen to the Marketing department and pre-loaded for consumption. Problem is they lack soul, taste like cardboard and are . But worst of all, they’re partially frozen when tweeted and left to thaw on their own.

We’re talking about the dreaded auto-tweet that was loaded hours, days or even weeks prior. Problem is no one from Marketing is around (or up that late) to respond when someone takes a bite. These tweets are cold, stale and not very social.

Hence the need to define the “hand-breaded tweet” – a freshly made and prepared tweet that is hot and juicy. It invites conversation and isn’t afraid to talk back. You know the type. They’re delicious and tasty. Don’t just enjoy them from others. Try serving them up yourself and see what happens.

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