Leveraging DIY Workshops to Promote Your Business

May 2, 2012
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chocri custom chocolateHere at MMLabs we’ve been running a series of Social Media DIY Workshops designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals.  Upon completion they have an account built on a specific social media platform with knowledge on how to leverage it.

Recently I came across a website that allows customers to customize their own chocolate bars.  Chocri, a German-based company, launched a site entitled Create My Chocolate that allows confectionery lovers to construct their own chocolaty creation.  Visitors must choose a type of chocolate (white, milk, dark, etc) before being able to select from a variety of fruits, spices, nuts, confections, decor and grains.  Talk about customization!  This is a chocolate lovers paradise.

What if a sandwich shop opened up it’s menu to include customizable creations that customers create in a hands-on workshop.  You pay a flat fee, come to the shop, choose from a list of ingredients and walk out with your very own handcrafted items.

Mindy Benton of Mindy B’s Deli wanted to attract and engage new customers  with the opening of her new shop. Using the DIY concept we added a twist not unlike a popular Food Network show featuring Bobby Flay in the form of a “Sandwich Throwdown” Contest where people submit their sandwich creation on her Facebook Page and invite their friends to “like” their creation. The top three vote getters will have their sandwich appear on the menu for a time. The sandwich that gets sold the most will be crowned the winner and be a more permanent fixture on the menu.

In today’s economy small businesses (retail and B2B) need develop a hook to attract the attention of their customers. Customization is the norm on the web so why not translate it into the real world.


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