Thank You Twitter For Breaking Up With LinkedIn

July 3, 2012
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News Flash: Twitter Breaks Up With LinkedIn

Did you hear the news? Twitter pulled their API from LinkedIn. Some in the media are crying foul, and lamenting the idea that tweets will no longer appear in one’s LinkedIn feed. We say let the rejoicing begin! For to long Twitter has littered the LinkedIn experience. Don’t get us wrong. We love Twitter. Use it night and day. Love the interaction, the lingo and the proper use of hashtags. But Twitter was a hot mess on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, for the most part, is all about one thing: business. People go there to network, display their business savvy and find new opportunities. Twitter is about every and any thing. From the looks of what passed into LinkedIn from Twitter it’s a safe bet to say that a lot of people must have forgotten that everything they were posting on Twitter was showing up on their LinkedIn profile. Comments about personal hygiene (or lack of), Instagram pictures of meals, Foursquare checkins to places you probably wouldn’t want to share with your customer, employer and/or recruiter.

Not everyone on LinkedIn is on Twitter, and thus it must be approached as a separate animal. Imagine an executive of a company you’re trying to get in with reading this update from you: “Totally rocking the bar scene here in Atlanta #FTW #hotties #WTF” with a picture of you judging the wet t-shirt contest by the pool bar. Yeah, that’s going to make an impression. Hashtags don’t make sense on LinkedIn because they’re not a part of the LI culture. They make perfect sense on Twitter.

Another reason why pumping tweets into your LinkedIn profile wasn’t such a great idea is the loss of social interaction. On the chance that something intelligible (and noteworthy) was posted, no one could comment or like it on LinkedIn. The Twitter API only let you retweet it or reply via Twitter. Imagine that – you finally post something that other professionals want to comment on and they can’t . Mildly annoying, isn’t it?

Bottom line: LinkedIn is just fine without Twitter. Go there now and check out your feed. Look at what you’ve been missing. People are posting articles they’ve written. They’re getting promoted. New career opportunities are presenting themselves. There’s gold in them there LinkedIn updates. Now go get it!

We may have thought Twitter and LinkedIn went together like chocolate and peanut butter, but it quickly turned into a bad combo.

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