BMW of Chattanooga TV Commercial Showcases “Heart” of Company

October 23, 2012
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There are projects, and there are really fun projects that make the work seem like play. Our latest collaboration with BMW of Chattanooga to produce another TV commercial in the “Pledge Point” series is such an example. This one garnered attention from BMW’s regional Vice President as well as their home office in Germany.  Using phrases like “game changer” and “best in class”, this series of commercials has had lasting reach for our client. Here’s some tidbits from the making of the spot.

Scott Carpenter, a native of Omaha Nebraska, oversees the detail department at the dealership and has been deaf since he was nine years old. In the commercial, Carpenter uses sign-language to express the importance of having your BMW serviced by a BMW Certified Technician using only BMW Original Parts. And he does so with a smile on his face and a shrug of his shoulders.

This is typical Scott, according to Daniel Bellemare, BMW of Chattanooga’s General Manager.

“Scott exemplifies everything great about BMW of Chattanooga. He is a long term employee who is always willing to lead the way into change. He is always a problem solver instead of a problem creator. We love Scott and are so happy he is part of our team.”

MMLabs, a new media creative agency based in Chattanooga, was hired to create a series of TV commercials that incorporated BMW’s “Customer Pledge”. They were also encouraged to make the commercials completely different than a typical dealership.

According the Jon Moss, Flight Director at MMLabs, the fourth commercial was the chance to really do something unique and special. Carpenter’s enthusiasm was the key.

“It’s been a complete joy working with BMW of Chattanooga. After initially meeting with Scott, it was apparent his involvement would add something special to the spot. We knew, given the right setting, he would light up the screen.”

And he did.

According to Monica Parker, Marketing Manager for BMW of Chattanooga, the series of commercials is already getting noticed by the national BMW USA for their “incorporation and personification” of the new BMW Customer Pledge.

Parker said the commercials and Customer Pledge help bring the employees of BMW of Chattanooga closer together.

“The commercials have brought us together and helped us reach new levels of customer service.  We watch them all the time around the dealership,” she said. “To us, these aren’t just commercials. They are a mantra for us as a staff.”

The commercial also has received attention from from The National Association of the Deaf.

NAD CEO, Howard A. Rosenblum, said “[We] applaud BMW of Chattanooga for employing deaf and hard of hearing employees, and recognizing the value of such employees by including them in a TV commercial.”

Rosenblum encourages other employers to follow BMW of Chattanooga’s lead in “promoting the valuable contributions that deaf and hard of hearing people bring as employees.”

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