The State Of Video In 2013 – Why Companies Need To Embrace Video Now

August 11, 2013
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BMW video shoot

There’s no denying it. Video usage on the web has exploded. Apps like Vine, Instagram and Youtube make video accessible to the mobile masses. With billions of views across multiple platforms, video is turning into the best way to transmit your company’s message to engaged audiences. Whether it’s visualizing your corporate culture, demo-ing a product, sharing customer testimonials or updating clients with valuable information that’s relevant to your customer base – video is the most versatile medium to reach your audience.

The cost of video production has gone down dramatically. Video can be easily shot, edited, uploaded and shared by phones that fit into our pockets. Carry an Android or iPhone? If so, you have a content media machine at your fingertips where ever you go. We are all producers of media and content now. The tools are accessible, but creativity is needed to produce something that is intentional. What good is a video with 3 million views if there isn’t a way to capitalize on that volume of traffic? By being intentional with your content, you have a clear picture of the type of  action you want to induce among the viewer.

Call To Action (CTA)

Media should evoke emotion – emotion that causes the viewer to take action. Are you asking them to join a cause, provide their contact info for more information, set an appointment or click to buy? Building a CTA into a video piece tells your audience how to react after watching it. Those that are interested will take that action. Those that aren’t, or aren’t ready quite yet will pass. The purpose of the exercise is to keep qualifying your audience. Speaking to them in advance of their interest being piqued may scare them away temporarily or worse cause them to tune you out.

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