The Team

Moss Media Labs is a close knit group of professionals and specialists focused on creating dynamic social media marketing programs that break the mold of traditional advertising and engage targeted audiences. Working together we create awesomeness that is greater than the sum of our parts.

Jon Moss, Flight Director

Jon thrives on combining his business acumen and social media experience to deliver results to clients.  The son of an entrepreneur and a tutor, Jon excels at educating and empowering business owners, C-level executives and professionals in the area of digital marketing. Connect with Jon on Google+ +Jon F Moss



Chanté Newcomb, Social Media Strategist

Chanté is a web enthusiast and social media professional with a love of all things design and technology. She enjoys sharing her expertise with business owners and professionals while maintaining close ties to the local blogging and social media communities. She is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.





Sean Phipps, Creative Strategist

Sean is a creative ace with over a decade of experience in nearly all facets of media. He is an excellent storyteller and writer with the uncanny ability to be informative without being boring. His communication skills, unique creativity, and odd yet endearing sense of humor are the elements of his success in both business and life.  



Joey Miller, Cinematographer

Joey is a creative force and presence whether he’s behind the camera or in front. His technical expertise and professionalism is a key part of producing the highest caliber of finished product. He enjoys bringing big ideas to life on screen and works hard to test what a commercial or marketing video can be.