The State Of Video In 2013 – Why Companies Need To Embrace Video Now

August 11, 2013
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There’s no denying it. Video usage on the web has exploded. Apps like Vine, Instagram and Youtube make video accessible to the mobile masses. With billions of views across multiple platforms, video is turning into the best way to transmit your company’s message to engaged audiences. Whether it’s visualizing your corporate culture, demo-ing a product,.. read more →

15 Essential Tips for Compelling LinkedIn Company Page Updates

August 9, 2013
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LinkedIn recently announced sponsored company page updates. Here are fifteen tips on how to make use of them. 15 tips for better company page updates infographic from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions read more →

Case Study: Mindy B’s Deli Sandwich Throwdown

February 13, 2013
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Taste How Good Creative Marketing Can Be Opening a new business can be both thrilling and exhausting. Opening a new restaurant is just down right crazy (so we hear) in terms of the advance preparation required before opening day. Just think about all that goes into the opening of a new eatery. There’s the build.. read more →

Get Social On Super Bowl Sunday With @BMWChattanooga

January 29, 2013
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The Super Bowl is almost here, and we’ve cooked up some social media fun with our client, BMW of Chattanooga! They’re going large this year by running a spot during the big game, and we couldn’t resist injecting a little something interactive into their commercial. For everyone watching the game locally on CBS/WDEF here’s how.. read more →

What Professionals Really Want For Christmas

December 21, 2012
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The holidays are a time of acknowledgement in the business world. People thanking people for their business throughout the year. Managers thanking team members. Employees thanking boss and vice versa. For some, it’s a chance to strengthen a professional bond through gift giving. Regulated industries are sometimes restricted in their giving by way of the.. read more →