Thank You Twitter For Breaking Up With LinkedIn

July 3, 2012
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News Flash: Twitter Breaks Up With LinkedIn Did you hear the news? Twitter pulled their API from LinkedIn. Some in the media are crying foul, and lamenting the idea that tweets will no longer appear in one’s LinkedIn feed. We say let the rejoicing begin! For to long Twitter has littered the LinkedIn experience. Don’t.. read more →

Twitter Is Like The Matrix

March 27, 2012
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In the movie The Matrix there’s a scene where Morpheus asks Neo if he wants to know what the Matrix is. He goes on to say “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is – you have to see it for yourself.” Twitter’s a lot like that. We run workshops that help people.. read more →

Are your tweets hand breaded?

January 28, 2012
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Sick of corporate, sanitized, homogenized chicken mcnugget tweets? So are we! You know the type. They’re made en masse in the PR/Legal department, shipped frozen to the Marketing department and pre-loaded for consumption. Problem is they lack soul, taste like cardboard and are . But worst of all, they’re partially frozen when tweeted and left to.. read more →

According to Twitter Research, Tennesseans are Tops In Happiness

April 8, 2011
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If You’re Happy and You Know It, Tweet With Your Hands   Cambridge University PhD student Alex Davies has released a study that shows residents of the State of Tennessee are happier than their 49 counterparts. He measured the popularity and usage of words such as “happy”, “nice” and “best”. Although not entirely scientific (or.. read more →

Case Study: How Twitter Drives Customer Traffic

March 17, 2011
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“How can social media help my business?” We get asked that question every day. Although there are many ways in which it can (brand awareness, PR, SEO, customer service, promotions, etc), we’d like to highlight just one: connecting you with prospects who are looking to buy what you’re selling. We keep talking about how powerful.. read more →

How a Smart City (Chattanooga) Used Social Media in a Crisis

March 10, 2011
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Social media is changing the way the people access local information. Before social media, we had to watch the 11 o’clock news, wait for the arrival of the morning paper or tune the radio dial at the top of the hour to catch local updates. In the digital era, people receive updates and interact with.. read more →

VIDEO: Dawn Skowronnek talking social media with David Karnes of WRCB-TV on 3 Plus You

January 3, 2011
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